RW – Technique Day 3

Renick, you’re there bro! I can see you correcting yourself and focusing on the different phases of the stroke, this is basically what you need to be doing to improve.

There are a few things I noticed, at this point I dont have a specific action for you to take other then for you to be aware of what is happening.

  1. Right side: arms are just about perfect amount of bend, your body is rotating through the drive. But you are not reaching as much and are catching a few inches of air before plant.
  2. Left side: bottom arm bends on drive, you are over compensating (your right must be your dominant arm?). On the left you hae excellent reach and plant, almost no air.
  3. The exit could be a bit more forward, however, on the final video (after workout) there was a change and the exit was more forward, but the shoulder was shrugging (on the left side). This could cause shoulder injury, I would rather you came back a bit more OR recovered wider then create a problem in the long term.