Renick – Technique Day 2

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You technique is looking a lot better! Some issues that now stand out are:

  1. Elbow dropping, kicking into the stroke
  2. Smoothness of entire stroke from setup to exit
  3. Slow down the recovery

I’m not sure exactly what is causing this, but if you watch your technique you will see an occasional drop of the elbow as your push through the drive. Try and identify what is causing this. Remember you want connectiveness from your top arm wrist to your bottom arm wrist. Imagine holding a giant 85cm exercise ball inside of your arms.

Paddling is more endurance then explosive strength, so being efficient in your movement is critical, right now you are relying on exertion and strength to get a big bite and push through the water. Try to change that by learning to rely on smoothness, clean and deliberate rather then muscle.

Slowing down with the recovery will help you to accomplish both of the above points. Even if you paddle fast, your can slow down the recovery to give relief to your systems while syncing up with your proper technique smoothly.

To see the mp4 videos and still shots, go to dropbox: