MP – Technique Day 3

In the first session we discussed 2 problem areas, 1) the recovery being real flared out and wide, 2) the frame of the stroke was small and hindered. We worked on opening the stroke by raising the top arm, then getting more reach.
Next we session we continued trying to improve top hand by reducing movement then focused on 1: Rotate more, lunge less and 2) Keep paddle closer to the board on the exit and recover. The “D” shape in the water, make it smaller.

You are basically there. Your top hand has way less movement, you can see the grouping is about have the size as it was when we started. The A frame is bigger, where it should be, you could buy some more inches by dropping the lower shoulder a fraction more and opening your chest. Your catch and drive is up front, your are catching less air, maybe just a few inches if that. This I believe will improve with time.

Home work
1: Drop bottom shoulder.
2: Open chest.