Fai3 V1 – Available

(Update: This canoe is no longer available.)
If you are in the Pacific Northwest and have been considering Rudderless V1, now could be the right time for you. Tahiti made Fai3 is now available. This canoe is very rare and very difficult to get access to unless you are in Tahiti, where it is the most popular V1 and used by the best paddlers (first place finishes in Te Aito and Super Aito). In 2011 a big effort was made to bring a container of canoes from Tahiti to Hawaii and Mainland US, the purpose was for us to learn from the Tahitian by paddling the canoe they paddle.

FAI 3 follows the successful FAI 2, FAI 1, SP 2, SP 1 and NOE designs developed by Noe, a Tahitian shaper who changed the sport forever with his innovative designs.

The FAI 3 design has a slightly more rounded hull cross section fore of the cockpit providing more buoyancy in the bow and more maneuverability while preventing excessive pearling in extreme sea conditions, carrying the paddler from bump to bump burying the nose and losing momentum. The cross section aft of the cockpit adopts a slightly more V hull allowing for great performance on the flat while giving incredible control in the surf. Adequate rocker was designed to allow for performance in all conditions.

The FAI 3 performs very well in all ocean conditions but it really shines in rough and big conditions. The perfect shape in big surf for paddlers with good control, it remains the design of choice for those who enjoy surfing and paddling in extreme ocean conditions.

  • One of the best tools to develop your paddling skills and awareness.
  • Fully customize your rigging with Tahitian style iako, ama, wai rigging.
  • With World Sprints 2014 around the corner you will have ample time to develop your “holding the line” skills that you will need if you plan on attending.


  • Length over all: 23.6 Feet – 7.20 Meeter
  • Beam: 15.55 inches – 39.5 CM

Construction Layup and Hull Weight

  • SPORT: 14kg – 28-30lbs
  • Fiberglass about 30lbs full rigged.


  • Matching ama
  • Wood Iakos
  • Foot rest
  • Rear Drink holder (Igloo drink cooler compatible, currently sealed, however you can cut open)
  • Viper foam seat
  • Lashings (rubber).

Recommended paddler size and weight

  • Paddler height: 5′.3 up to 6′.3 – 1.50m up to 1.95cm
  • Paddler weight: 110lbs up to 210lbs – 50kg up to 110kg

Statistics on the behavior of Va’a by test paddlers

  • In calm / flat water: Excellent
  • In big weather: Excellent
  • Downwind: Excellent
  • Upwind: Good
  • Surfing: Excellent

Ideal conditions: Downwind, Surfing and big weather conditions


  • Good-Excellent condition, lightly used, small scuffs near steering area from paddle and front near plant, can be buffed out.


  • $3k

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